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  • What is ARMIS RV Guardian?
    ARMIS is a patent pending axle mounted tire shrapnel containment shield system. Our design is 20 years in the making and we are proud to make it available for most RV trailers.
  • Will ARMIS RV Guardian fit my trailer?
    The ARMIS system is designed to fit the majority of RV trailers. We have developed an intake process using photos of your trailer to confirm the ARMIS system will work for your trailer.
  • Can I change the tire once ARMIS is installed?
    Yes, the outside panel of the fender is designed to be easily removed for a tire change or hub maintenance.
  • Do I need an special tools to remove the outside panel for a tire change?
    The outside panel is secured with eight (8) hex button head screws. You only need a 10mm allen wrench or screw gun bit.
  • Where is ARMIS RV Guardian made?
    All parts are 100% American-made, fabricated, and assembled in Seguin, Texas.
  • What materials are used in ARMIS RV Guardian?
    All materials are cold-rolled steel. See the specification page for specific plate thickness details.
  • Does ARMIS have a warranty?
    Yes, ARMIS RV Guardian comes with a limited lifetime warranty. See the warranty page for more details.
  • Can ARMIS fenders be personalized?
    Yes, we have an in-house designer that can integrate your design or be commissioned to design a unique, one of a kind personalization. We also offer a catalog of designs to choose from for your specific look.
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