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ARMIS RV Introduces the ARMIS RV Guardian

Seguin, Texas – January 03, 2023: ARMIS RV today announced the release of the much-anticipated ARMIS RV Guardian. The ARMIS RV Guardian is a patent-pending axle-mounted tire shrapnel containment shield system. The design is 20 years in the making and we are proud to make it available for the majority of RV trailers. The system is designed to protect your RV from the devastating damage tire blowouts frequently cause. The patent-pending design bolts directly to the trailer axle with existing axle spring hardware. All ARMIS RV Guardian systems are manufactured at our Seguin, Texas factory with American-made cold-rolled steel. All ARMIS systems come with a lifetime warranty.

The company's goal is to help customers travel with the security that they will not be stranded or have unexpected travel cancellations due to tire failures and major repairs. "After 20 years in the RV industry, I have witnessed the thousands of dollars of damage caused by blowouts. Not only can blowouts destroy your investment, but they can also take you off the road for weeks, if not longer,” said Derek Grant, Chairman of the Board and President of ARMIS RV.

The ARMIS RV Guardian all-steel construction delivers unparalleled protection with proven durability. It has been developed to withstand tire failures, harsh environments, and the most brutal highway conditions. The innovative design universally adapts to almost all trailers. All parts are coated with a durable bed liner finish. Additionally, all products will have the option to add custom logos or branding to them.

ARMIS RV Guardian is currently available at Explorer RV USA and Grant RV Repair & Services, LLC, both located in Seguin, Texas. Management is excited to share future strategic partnerships and dealers in the coming months.



Derek Grant (830)243-8010

ARMIS RV Guardian HQ

1448 Eastwood Drive, Seguin, Texas 78155

Office: (830)243-8010


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