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Armis RV Guardian now comes standard with Trailer SumoSprings®

Trailer SumoSprings® now comes standard on all ARMIS RV Guardians. SumoSprings® are a maintenance-free suspension enhancement built to create a better journey by reducing G-force in your towable by 68%. Made from micro-cellular polyurethane, they are designed to remove sway, hop, & body roll while increasing overall driver control and comfort while towing.

ARMIS RV Guardian with Trailer SumoSprings

"Our goal is to better protect your adventures and keep you safe on the road. I’ve seen too many family's hard-earned time-off devastated by tire blowouts that rip through their RV. SumoSprings® enhances the protection and safety ARMIS RV Guardian delivers,” according to Derek Grant, Chairman of the Board and President of ARMIS RV.

“Our commitment to making the journey better is at the root of all we do at SuperSprings International. Armis RV has created a unique product that protects RVers against tire blowouts – one of the most common issues campers face. My family and I have experienced it personally in our trailer, so this was an easy partnership to get behind.” - Adam Weisner, SSI President

Trailer SumoSprings® mount above or below the trailer leaf spring assemblies and create a cushion between the axle and trailer frame. Trailer SumoSprings® reduce wear and tear on body-frames, windows, doors, closets, mounted TVs, and other components. Reducing sway and bounce in the trailer results in increased driver control, ride comfort, reduced maintenance costs, and the related early wear and tear often preceding tire failures. Check out our latest article on SumoSprings for your towable rig.

“ARMIS RV Guardian is an authorized SumoSprings® dealer located 30 minutes east of San Antonio just off IH-10. Contact us today to learn more about Trailer SumoSprings® and Armis RV Guardian. There is no better combination to protect your investment and family over the road.

SumoSprings® and Trailer SumoSprings® are registered trademarks of SuperSprings International.


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