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We build our SuperCoils from high-grade American shot-peened steel. In addition, we’ve engineered the springs to have a progressive spring rate. What this means, is that while OE coils are great for an unloaded daily drive, our product is built to give you the best unloaded ride as well as a superior ride when loaded or towing. So we add additional load-leveling capacity (not GVWR) to stop sagging, front end dip and roll, control sway, and take out body roll. We’re the best of both worlds.

The new RAM 2500 leveling kit is built to give you a 2” level that also keeps you there when loaded up or towing. So you'll get additional clearance, room to add bigger wheels and tires, and load up all the weight without sagging.

The front coils will raise the truck by a little over 2” and give the truck an overall level stance without the need for any spacers – it's all coil. This front coil has a capacity of 4,437 (lbs). The rear coils keep you level and have a coil capacity of 2,475 (lbs).

We plan to release multi-stage options for the RAM 2500 kits. Presented above is the Stage One kit. Stage two and three will be released in early 2023 and feature the addition of our SumoSprings suspension solution.

Ram 2500 Leveling Kit


    American-made, high-grade, shot-peened steel progressive replacement coils that add a 2" inch lift to the front of the truck with no need for spacers.


    Like the front, our coil replacements are built to provide the best unloaded ride as well as superior support and control when loaded up and/or towing.

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